Skyline Drive-In NYC

Looking to catch a movie somewhere other than your living room? Well we have a treat for you and it comes with a killer NYC skyline view.

Skyline Drive-In NYC is a unique drive-in theater situated on the East River in Greenpoint with a backdrop of Manhattan in all its beauty. So how does it work? Visit Skyline Drive-In NYC’s website, pick the movie you want to see, and buy your tickets online! Drive to the cinema’s Greenpoint location and park your car;  You can listen to the movie’s sound through your car’s stereo or one of Skyline Drive-In’s rentable radios. For those without a car (which is the majority of us) you can also choose to enjoy the movie in the sitting area, feel free to bring your own chair or rent one of them for ultimate comfort.

I know you’re wondering, what about food options? Well, we saved the best for last! Skyline Drive has food trucks on-site during all feature films so grab some good eats and enjoy your movie, you can also opt to pack a picnic from home or bring along take-out from your favorite NYC restaurant. Happy watching!