Papilles serves up French classics with a modern twist and exemplifies “cuisine vagabonde” or food inspired by travelling the globe.

Nicolas Thoni, Andrea Calstier and Elena Oliver opened Papilles, an intimate dining experience with food that tastes just as good as the cocktails, in the East Village. The ambiance is warm and welcoming in a stylish setting designed by Elena to reflect the team’s French-Mediterranean roots.

The cocktails are all one-of-a-kind, made with fermented alcohol that Thoni produces in-house like his Orancello made with fermented vodka, blood orange blossom liquor, ginger liquor, lemon, espelette and orancello mousse.

The food is just as exceptional with Chef Calstier’s innovative menu using only the freshest ingredients. Calstier focuses on seasonal ingredients such as his Agnolotti del Plin with Beaufort d’Alpage, sparassis crispa mushroom, pine nuts and wild mushrooms consommé. Papilles partners with local farmers to source organic, non-GMO, fresh and seasonal ingredients so rest assured your food and digestion is in good hands.

Papilles means taste buds and yours will be thanking you after this exploration of tastes.

Book your reservation for their tasting menu at the link below!

You will be able to choose between a five or seven course tasting menu.